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Division Premier Results
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Teams Ladder
TeamRound      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10      11      12    Bonus
Milngavie and Bearsden  Comp Points161216 16164816 15150134
 Rubbers424 44124 3331
 Games12812 12124812 1111102
Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1  Comp Points4713 131613166 760101
 Rubbers013 34342 2123
 Games479 9129126 7681
Newlands  Comp Points166136 40121116 13097
 Rubbers4232 00224 322
 Games12696 408712 973
Edinburgh Sports Club  Comp Points813112 612233 16076
 Rubbers2302 12000 414
 Games8918 68233 1260
Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2  Comp Points0 31301316 12652070
 Rubbers0 13034 221016
 Games0 390912 865254
Western  Comp Points12 47316 612115067
 Rubbers2 11102 222114
 Games8 47316 687555

Competition points system used: 1 point per game, 4 points for win, 2 points for draw
Finals MatchUps
Round  Date  Team Match Up  Location  Start Time  
SF   Sat 11/04/09  Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1 vs Edinburgh Sports ClubASRC11:00am
SF   Sat 11/04/09  Milngavie and Bearsden vs Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2ASRC11:00am
GF   Sun 12/04/09  Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1 vs Milngavie and BearsdenASRC5:00pm
PF   Sun 12/04/09  Edinburgh Sports Club vs Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2ASRC5:00pm

Finals Results
Round  Date  Result  Match Results  
GF  Sun 12/04/09  Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1 [15] beat Milngavie and Bearsden [3]Match Results
PF  Sun 12/04/09  Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2 [13] beat Edinburgh Sports Club [6]Match Results
SF  Sat 11/04/09  Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1 [16] beat Edinburgh Sports Club [0]Match Results
SF  Sat 11/04/09  Milngavie and Bearsden [13] beat Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2 [8]Match Results

Division Premier Order Of Merit
To obtain a OOM a player must have played at least 4 matches in the last 8 months.
Division OOM  Player  Rating  Pos  Team Name  
 Alan Clyne441.913Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Greg Lobban422.648Milngavie and Bearsden
 Daryl Selby417.792Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Alex Gough408.434Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
1Peter O'Hara402.561Newlands
 Stuart Crawford401.941Western
 Kevin Moran398.063Milngavie and Bearsden
 Jamie Macaulay397.621Milngavie and Bearsden
 Simon Parke394.715Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Lyall Paterson391.82Milngavie and Bearsden
 Paul Bell383.372Newlands
 Mark Ford381.233Newlands
 Simon Boughton380.241Edinburgh Sports Club
 Adam Bews373.948Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Alistair Gorrie373.86Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Kevin Milne368.657Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Chris Ferguson366.534Milngavie and Bearsden
 Chris Gray364.422Edinburgh Sports Club
 Kenny Boyle3635Western
 Garry McKay360.232Western
 Keith Simpson359.594Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
 Ian Jubb359.515Milngavie and Bearsden
 Danny Knowles358.864Edinburgh Sports Club
 Sam Allan357.295Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
 Rab McGill354.763Edinburgh Sports Club
 Iain Young350.533Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
 Jamie Jacobsen348.011Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
 Victoria Bell342.226Newlands
 Gavin Sutherland340.622Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
 Colin Stirrat3393Western
 Christopher Patrick337.416Western
 Paul Sweeney336.644Newlands
 Iain Logan329.434Western
 Andrew Wilkinson327.636Edinburgh Sports Club
 Frania Gillen-Buchert327.5810Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Grant Gray322.947Edinburgh Sports Club
 Alex Clark313.887Milngavie and Bearsden
 Scott Thomson293.55Edinburgh Sports Club
 Mhairi Charlton286.1511Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Robyn Hodgson280.316Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 2
2Senga Macfie271.648Edinburgh Sports Club
 Caron Lawrie271.217Western
 Claire Kidd252.866Milngavie and Bearsden
 Laura Dedic177.959Western
 Moira Atkinson159.49Edinburgh Sports Club
 Mathew Wylie156.275Newlands
 Sheena Logan129.988Western
 Laurens Jan Anjema01Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
 Jenny Duncalf09Aberdeen Squash Rackets Club 1
Intial Rating
This is a guide to the position a player should be playing at.
Position in Team  Rating  

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