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Division 2 Results
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Teams Ladder
TeamRound      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10      11      12      13      14      15      16      17      18    Bonus
Colinton Castle 2  Comp Points106141618181818171614176181817141836309
Heriot Watt University 1  Comp Points181818181716161718189151810314161528302
Grange 1  Comp Points1814171316165114181818181817981636290
David Lloyd Newhaven  Comp Points91567186161417101656171616101536255
Edinburgh Sports Club 3  Comp Points14160183141615914145162181812836248
Grange 2  Comp Points961866105351881615716431736208
Deer Park  Comp Points1496156017853317151531714732206
Watsonians 2  Comp Points21814213517153975116513534175
Mamma's Pizzeria  Comp Points1343421259051531046315334150
Watsonians 3  Comp Points2811878137446114368236139

Competition points system used: 1 points per game, 3 points for win
Division 2 Order Of Merit
To obtain a OOM a player must have played at least 4 matches in the last 8 months.
Division OOM  Player  Rating  Pos  Team Name  
 Graeme Clark359.051Colinton Castle 2
 Scott Mosley337.53Heriot Watt University 1
 Allan Hamer336.431Grange 1
1Philip McWilliams326.291Heriot Watt University 1
2Mark Lord325.062Colinton Castle 2
3Mark Beaumont323.522Heriot Watt University 1
4Jonathan Nimmo321.13Colinton Castle 2
5Colin McMullan319.111Deer Park
6Chris Brock315.431Edinburgh Sports Club 3
7Will Kerr314.612Grange 1
 Ian Green311.94Grange 1
8Ken Maxwell310.842David Lloyd Newhaven
 Jonathan Taubert309.684Heriot Watt University 1
9Ali Fleming308.61David Lloyd Newhaven
 Clive Allison306.153Grange 1
 Richard Mellis305.374Edinburgh Sports Club 3
10Eric McMullan298.092Deer Park
11Gary Speirs294.94Colinton Castle 2
12Chris Weare291.152Watsonians 2
 Robert Pfab290.82Grange 2
13Richard Van Lienden290.086Grange 1
14Graeme Murray288.631Watsonians 2
 Patrick Langley288.173Grange 2
15Mike Hall284.691Grange 2
16Mike Robson284.173Watsonians 2
17Robin Steel282.495Grange 1
18Charles Robertson282.093David Lloyd Newhaven
 Mike Sinclair281.371Watsonians 3
 Duncan Walker280.675Grange 2
19Hamish Reid275.195Colinton Castle 2
20Peter Brierley274.722Edinburgh Sports Club 3
21Dave Jubb274.645David Lloyd Newhaven
22Neil McAllister273.234Mamma's Pizzeria
 Jim Watson273.225Heriot Watt University 1
23Milan Govan270.53Deer Park
24John Everett268.611Mamma's Pizzeria
25Peter Wilson267.164Watsonians 2
 Dave Shaw265.654David Lloyd Newhaven
 Roger Moore264.992Mamma's Pizzeria
26Alastair Carruth261.872Watsonians 3
27Jim Dougal259.873Watsonians 3
28Neil Moffat255.435Deer Park
 Scott Carey249.083Mamma's Pizzeria
 Tony Gribben247.084Grange 2
29Taryne Lowe246.756David Lloyd Newhaven
 Andrew Forrest244.569Watsonians 3
 Kevin Hart241.36Edinburgh Sports Club 3
30Pete Cockburn238.696Grange 2
31John Rae238.425Mamma's Pizzeria
32Hector Milne237.94Watsonians 3
33Ian Forbes237.18Grange 2
34Gregory Leplatre231.118David Lloyd Newhaven
35Gary Walker230.887Grange 2
36Kim Byers230.686Colinton Castle 2
37Dave Gillon225.847Watsonians 3
38John Miller225.044Deer Park
39Trevor Mitchell220.575Edinburgh Sports Club 3
 Matt Ross217.977David Lloyd Newhaven
40Ken Steele216.843Edinburgh Sports Club 3
 Ed Murray212.716Watsonians 3
41Gordon Fruish210.565Watsonians 3
42Derek Davidson210.425Watsonians 2
43John Davidson202.856Mamma's Pizzeria
 Dave McCaul194.1711David Lloyd Newhaven
 Mike Callaghan188.368Watsonians 3
44Andy Duff142.166Deer Park
 Nigel Chapman1029David Lloyd Newhaven
 Graham Hartop101.510David Lloyd Newhaven
Intial Rating
This is a guide to the position a player should be playing at.
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