The Hugely Enjoyable 2006 East of Scotland Squash Championships

Picture of Simon Boughton & Chris Ferguson Picture of Todd Rutherford
Mens Winner - Simon Boughton, Runner-up - Chris Ferguson Mens Plate Winner - Todd Rutherford
Picture of John Grindley & Peter Geany Picture of Dave Ireson
Mens B Winner - John Grindley, Runner-up - Peter Geany Mens B Plate Winner - Dave Ireson
Picture of Christy Looby & Raymond Ross Picture of Ross Anderson
Mens C Winner - Christy Looby, Runner-up - Raymond Ross Mens C Plate Winner - Ross Anderson
Picture of Samantha Fearnley & Christina Graham Picture of Elaine Inglis
Ladies Winner - Samantha Fearnley, Runner-up - Christina Graham Ladies Plate Winner - Elaine Inglis