Marking & “let-or-stroke” guide

Hello, everybody. I’ve devised a (roughly) 45-minute guide to help people understand the rules about “interference”.  It’s intended for anyone who’s new to playing competitive squash, as well as Local League players who may have been in their team for years, but run a personal best if asked to mark a game.

The aim is that you’ll come away with a sound knowledge of what’s an obvious let, stroke, or no-let, and the confidence to give good decisions on the less obvious ones. Also, you’ll learn how to write the marking sheet. If anybody wishes to discuss any of the other rules or situations, we can do that as well.

There’s no charge for this guide and we don’t need squash kit, courts, TVs, pens or anything – just a room to sit in and an ability to tolerate listening to me jabbering on. If you’d like me to do one of the guides at your club, or attend one at another club, just get in touch and I’ll try to make the right decision ….

Dave Ferguson (07963 744717)